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Cat’s Cradle in Canadian news: The Chronicle Herald

We’re pleased to have received more coverage from Canada – this time from The Chronicle Herald, Canada’s largest independently-owned newspaper. It’s based in Halifax, which is also home of NSCAD where I did my design degree. Happy to have Haligonian… Continue reading

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Cat’s Cradle in Swedish news

Norrbottens Kuriren, the oldest newspaper in Swedish Lapland, included Cat’s Cradle in its coverage. The printed version was published on December 28, 2016 (see below). The title Mer konst att se i Jukkasjärvi means “More art to see in Jukkasjärvi”… Continue reading

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Cat‘s Cradle: The Making of an Art Suite for ICEHOTEL Sweden

Our first video is up on our new YouTube channel! In December 2016, we built an art suite for ICEHOTEL Sweden, in Jukkasjärvi – a cool 200km north of the Arctic Circle. Take a peek behind the scenes at 14… Continue reading

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Our new YouTube Channel

Subscribe to our freshly set up YouTube channel!

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ICEHOTEL catalogue hot off the press!

If you follow us on Instagram, then you know about our adventures with ICEHOTEL Sweden. If not, here’s the scoop in a nutshell: we designed an art suite for ICEHOTEL’s annual international art symposium / hotel made of ice, which… Continue reading

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Velo 3rd Gear: Bicycle Culture and Stories

ELEKTROKATZE has been featured in Velo 3rd Gear, the latest bicycle book by Gestalten! :-)

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PechaKucha Night HK Vol 26 – Look who’s talking

Mark it down! >> PechaKucha Night Hong Kong: Tuesday, December 1, 8-10pm, in collaboration with deTour 2015 at PMQ. >> RSVP on the Facebook event page Alberto Cipriani, Associate at RAD Ltd. (Research Architecture Design), will present a building renovation… Continue reading

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A special PechaKucha Night HK in collaboration with deTour 2015, with a theme of “connection.”

PechaKucha Night is a non-profit live networking event for sharing projects, stories and inspiration. Now in 875+ cities, all presentations follow the same signature format of 20 images x 20 seconds. From emerging talent to established professionals, anyone can take the floor. The event series began in Tokyo 2003, the brainchild of Klein Dytham architecture. PechaKucha (pe-chak-cha) is Japanese for “chit chat.”

deTour is “a ten-day fest celebrating innovation” which runs from November 27 to December 6 at PMQ. Named “one of the most exciting events on Hong Kong’s cultural calendar” by CNN, deTour is an annual event which aims to build a platform for international and interdisciplinary cultural exchanges, through a selection of local and international designs.

Map to venue

Look who’s talking
Speaker profiles

More about PechaKucha Night
More about deTour 2015

PechaKucha Night Hong Kong has been organised by ChowPourianLab since 2012.

Katze Customs in the press…

A belated thank you to Jasmine Chan at TimeOut HK for the interview on ELEKTROKATZE! A few editorial mishaps but happy for the press just the same! :-) (Photo: Calvin Sit)

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We’ve taken a short break, and now we’re back with an uninhibited theme-free PK!

Look who’s talking
• Joanna Bowers – How “The Helper documentary” came to be
Director / screenwriter Joanna Bowers introduces her current work, a timely tribute and documentary about domestic helpers in Hong Kong.
• Anna Cheng – The journey of a contemporary jewellery gallery in HK
Anna Cheng walked away from a career as an interior architect to open a contemporary fine jewellery gallery showcasing international artists and designers. She’s also a certified diamond grader and is the 4th generation in a family of jewellers.
• Tat Lam – Shanzhai City: Bringing Social Innovation to Market
Architect and urban planner Tat Lam is the co-founder and CEO of a social development incubator to empower grassroots communities in rural China.
• Nadine Bubner – Bye-bye boring desk job, hello health and happiness
Nadine Bubner escaped the corporate world and now heads up a full-time business teaching yoga and meditation classes while indulging in Ironman triathlon competitions on the side.
• Kyle Ford – Second Nature: A Discourse in Aesthetics and Culture
Kyle Ford is an American artist and photography professor with a special interest in large format film. His work has been featured in publications, galleries and museums internationally including Popular Photography, Elle Men China and Newsweek Japan.
• Calista Goh – The Future of Food: Why It Matters…
Calista Goh dabbled in psychology, business, law and pastrymaking before finding herself on a mission to combine Western technology with ancient Oriental healing wisdom.
• Doug Woodring – Plastic: The next big thing
Doug Woodring is the Founder of Ocean Recovery Alliance, a NPO which focuses on bringing technology, collaborations and policy together to improve the health of the ocean.
• Patricia Choi – 2 or 3 things I know about wontonmeen
Patricia Choi is an interior architect and design educator. She is also the founder of two Hong Kong-centric enterprises: one is design-based and focuses on local day-to-day objects and street mentality; the other, a creative residence for short and long-term stays which offers an alternative authentic HK experience.
• Jess Jacobsen – A glimpse at the power of images, and how we can strive to move beyond ‘beauty’
Jess Jacobsen is Programme & Campaign Manager of The Women’s Foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls in Hong Kong. She discusses the influence of media on gender stereotypes and self-perception, and shares how this has affected her personally.
• Kevin Lynch – The Return of Yearbnb
Self-described adman by day and by night, Kevin Lynch returns to the PechaKucha Night HK stage to share more adventures about using Airbnb to live in, work in, and discover Hong Kong.

PechaKucha Night is a live networking event for sharing projects, stories and inspiration. Now in 850+ cities, all presentations follow the same signature format of 20 images x 20 seconds. From emerging talent to established professionals, anyone can take the floor. 
The event series began in Tokyo 2003, the brainchild of Klein Dytham architecture.  

Organizer + Sponsor: ChowPourianLab
Venue sponsor: XXX Gallery
Music: DJ Allan Ho (High Tech Orchestra)


A big thank-you to fellow bicycle and design enthusiasts for sharing ELEKTROKATZE with your readers via original write-ups… Gessato.com / gBlog Urban Velo Bless this Stuff The Crosby Press bicycledesign.net MocoLoco Freshers online magazine and to the non-English blogs who… Continue reading

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