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The power of negative thinking

Nice time-lapse trailer for Oliver Burkeman’s new book The Antidote: Happiness for People Who Can’t Stand Positive Thinking There’s a long tradition in philosophy and spirituality that’s about embracing negativity, about easing up on all this positive thinking, and learning… Continue reading

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The effect of gravity on a Slinky

If you loved watching the Slinky walk down the stairs as a kid, watch this crazy video on what else the Slinky does and why.

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The dreamscape

Phillip Schuster’s Skate Villa, Salzburg: hunting lodge turned indoor skate park

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Forbes Magazine’s article on useless business jargon

“The Most Annoying, Pretentious And Useless Business Jargon” by Forbes Magazine‘s Max Mallet, Brett Nelson and Chris Steiner. Agree. Read it!

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The Elvis of Cultural Theory, Slavoj Zizek

Humanity is OK, but 99% of people are boring idiots – Slavoj Zizek Slavoj Žižek, Slovenian philosopher and cultural critic, interviewed by Decca Aitkenhead for the launch of his new book Less Than Nothing. Kooky, straight-shooting and sage. >> The… Continue reading

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The expert opinion on financial advice (or not)

Well, now it’s proven: the stock market is a gamble and listening to a fund manager is not necessarily better than consulting a crystal ball. Apparently Warren Buffett agrees. >> The Economist / Not so expert: The need for financial… Continue reading

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The presentation: Reggie Watts @ TED

Watch this before you do any public speaking.

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