The Biblio-Mat: a novel way to sell books

Forgive the cheesy pun in the title, but I had to do it…
Two things I love – vending machines and books – combined in one: the Biblio-Mat!

The Monkey’s Paw, a secondhand book shop in Toronto, built a one-off vending machine to sell off its hard-to-move titles for a toonie (Canadian $2 coin).

While it’s sized like the food and snack dispensers which allow you to choose what you want, it functions more like a random gumball machine – loaded with the promise of a general item, but the exact thing which falls out the flapped door is a surprise.

Brilliant concept and video. Gets people in, moves stock, it’s fun, looks good and gives the shop a unique feature. Will be hoarding a few toonies for the next time I’m in town…

>> Story via NPR: Book-Vending Machine Dispenses Suspense
>> The Monkey’s Paw

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