Icehotel Sweden – High Score

We’re doing our third art suite for Icehotel Sweden – can’t wait to see old friends again with the adrenaline rush of sculpting ice and snow 200km north of the Arctic Circle!

    ChowPourianLab_High Score_visual_585

High Score
Enter the time-space continuum of High Score, a playroom for soaking in the nostalgia of a simpler era. It triggers happy memories of hanging with friends in person, captivated by old school video game marathons in the days before “virtual experience” entered the vernacular. The game world brings a sense of happiness centred in an unusual spatial experience. Engulfed by the elasticity of time where hours feel like minutes, and seconds stretch into days, you vie for the unbeatable thrill of entering your 3-letter high score name in your favourite escape. Bellies full of pizza and beer, you drift off to sleep nestled deep in the console where waking life and pixels mingle into one.

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