PechaKucha Night HK10 - Tue Feb 21, 2012

PKN Hong Kong enters the Dragon with a return to the grassroots spirit of the PechaKucha mothership in Tokyo!

As part of PechaKucha Global Cities Week, Hong Kong will join over 50 cities worldwide in celebrating the anniversary of the first PechaKucha (February 2003).

Expect an eclectic mix – including street art / sculpture, traditional foot binding in China, radio-controlled motorcycle racing, product design, photography, urban LEGO, and a couple of projects hot from the upcoming Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture.

• Jo Farrell / Living History: Documenting bound feet in China
• Jinno Neko / Dispatchers Worldwide in HK: Transformation not decoration
• Jimmy Lam a.k.a. RICE
• Sean Creamer / Feel Hong Kong: Personal favourite images
• Enso / MTR: Passage and interaction
• 322c / Mindcraft Everyday Objects
• John Piccin / Radio-Controlled Motorcycles
• Parallel Lab (Géraldine Borio & Caroline Wüthrich) / STAG the urban space
• Thomas Tsang / Romus Domus: Porcelain Cities
• Geoff Tsui (Konzepp) / Developing the Konzepp (concept) of Space in Hong Kong

No refreshments will be sold at the venue.
Map to XXX.

PechaKucha (pe-chak-cha) is Japanese for “chit chat.”

PechaKucha Night was devised by Klein Dytham architecture in Tokyo, 2003, as a networking event for designers to show their work.
Now in 500+ cities, the presentation format is standard worldwide: 20 images x 20 seconds, (a snappy 6 min 40 sec).

PechaKucha is eclectic, fun and full of surprises. In addition to established professionals, the floor is also open to emerging talent, entrepreneurs and students.
PechaKucha Night is a platform for creatives to meet and share ideas with like-minded people in a laid-back setting.

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